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    Using the voice of the patient to improve care locally, nationally, and globally



    The mission is to engage consumers as partners in healthcare and mobilize diverse healthcare stakeholders to provide the best possible care to every patient every time, by eliminating preventable harm and implementing systemic change to ensure consistent excellence.


    Project Patient Care is an independent nonprofit organization working to prevent medical errors and continuously improve healthcare quality. We are a diverse community of patients, family members of patients, healthcare professionals and organizational leaders. We care deeply about ensuring that every patient gets the right care at the right time.


    Patient Safety Matters

    Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in this country according to a 2016 study by Johns Hopkins researchers right behind heart disease and cancer:

    Heart Disease –611,105*

    Cancer – 584,881*

    Medical Errors – 251,454**

    Chronic Respiratory Disease - 149,205*



    * Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Leading Cause of Death in 2013

    ** “Medical Error – The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US”; BMJ


    Strategic Partnerships

    To Solve Patient-Care Challenges

    Project Patient Care leaders work with other organizations, patients, families, and consumers in a variety of formal and informal ways to advance patient-centered, systems-based care.

  • What we do

    Project Patient Care is involved in a myriad of program and projects with private and public organizations throughout the United States and in other countries.

    Our Work

    Our work is focused on engaging patients, families, consumers, providers, healthcare organizations, and other stakeholders in creating an excellent environment where all persons can thrive. Our services are aimed at improving outcomes and processes of care at an individual, practice, and health system level. We focus on prevention, treatment, and compassionate care while being mindful of the need to be efficient and effective in our approaches.

    Current Work

    Some of our current work includes:

    • Outreach and engagement of patients, families, and consumers to provide insight and guidance to health care providers and organizations to reduce preventable harm and improve quality of care and safety.
    • Leadership in development of successful tools and resources for practices in achieving their practice transformation goals for the new MACRA program
    • Research and development of measurement methodologies to identify current practice patterns and to provide successful intervention strategies
    • Development and research on best approaches for patient and family engagement with hospital and health system organizations working with the Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks
    • Implementation of strategies to deploy evidence based practices in physician, hospital, and other clinical settings
    • Advancement of evidence based practice approaches and tools in making patients and families whole when a patient harm unexpectedly occurs.
    • Developing and implementing strategic approaches to improving care and outcomes in long term care services and support.
    • Serving in leadership positions on various committees, councils, and boards linked to patients, families, consumers, healthcare organizations, and public health at a local, national, and global level.

    Strategic Partnerships

    To Solve Patient-Care Challenges


    Project Patient Care leaders work with other organizations, patients, families, and consumers in a variety of formal and informal ways to advance patient-centered, systems-based care.
  • Meet Our board

    Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works from our three global offices. From rural back roads to corporate boardrooms, is committed to supporting our clients and investors.

    Martin Hatlie, J.D.


    Cynthia Barnard


    Ph.D., M.B.A., M.S.J.S

    Regina Greer-Smith

    Treasurer; Chair of Finance and Audit Committee

    M.P.H., FACHE

    Don Aronson

    Chair of Governance Committee

    M.D., J.D., M.P.H

    David Chess, M.D.

    Board Member

    Michael Millenson

    Board Member

  • Key Staff contacts

    We've got a top notch team!

    Martin Hatlie, J.D.


    Mr. Hatlie is also co-founder of Consumers Advancing Patient Safety (www.patientsafety.org), a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the role of the consumer as partner in pursuing healthcare that is safe, compassionate and just.


    Drawing on experience as a civil rights attorney, malpractice defense litigator, lobbyist and coalition-builder, Mr. Hatlie is active in both public and organizational policy development on patient safety, litigation reform and patient safety issues. Mr. Hatlie works extensively with consumers and organizations to foster the cultural paradigm shift necessary to support a patient-centered, systems-based approach to the delivery of healthcare services.


    He was a lobbyist for the American Medical Association for many years. In 1996, he was instrumental in developing the first Annenberg Conference on Patient Safety. In1997, he coordinated the establishment of the National Patient Safety Foundation and served as its founding Executive Director (1997-99). From 2000 through 2002, Hatlie served as the National Chair of VHA Inc.’s Accelerated Learning Initiative on Patient Safety, working with VHA member hospitals across the country.


    Mr. Hatlie is the co-editor of the Patient Safety Handbook (Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2003), a leading textbook in the field of patient safety. He has authored numerous articles addressing patient safety and medical liability issues. Among other activities, p4ps develops case based training tools exploring systems problems that produce adverse patient events. Its interactive educational programs, the First Do No Harm® video series, developed in partnership with the Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions, are used widely throughout the world.


    Mr. Hatlie currently serves on the Leapfrog Group Board of Directors, the Joint Commission Patient Safety Advisory Group, and the Board of Advisors of Parents of Infants and Children with Kernicterus. He also serves on the Steering Committee of Patients for Patient Safety, an action area of the World Health Organization’s World Alliance on Patient Safety. Hatlie has organized and facilitated patient safety workshops for the World Health Organization across the globe.


    Previously, Mr. Hatlie was a member of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Session on Medical Error and served on the boards of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, the Physician Insurers Association of America and the American Tort Reform Association. He was the Founding Chair of both the Health Care Liability Alliance and the National Medical Liability Reform Coalition – both are Washington, D.C.-based coalitions that advocate civil justice and patient safety reform.


    Mr. Hatlie is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Illinois.


    Contact: mhatlie@p4ps.net

    Pat Merryweather

    Executive Director


    Pat Merryweather serves as Executive Director of Project Patient Care (PPC) where she is a co-leader of all PPC initiatives, including its work in federal healthcare transformation, advocating authentic patient and family engagement across all healthcare settings, and PPC organizational development activities.


    Prior to joining PPC, Pat served as the Executive Director of the Illinois, Iowa, and Colorado Medicare Quality Improvement Organization programs for Telligen from 2011 to November, 2016. She implemented measurable quality care improvement initiatives of the federal government and developed collaborative learning and action networks aimed at improving individual and resident patient care; integrated care delivery systems; and prevention of disease and disease advancement. Partner with hospitals, nursing homes, home health, physician practices, and patients and families along with their trade associations, professional organizations, and government and non-governmental organizations.


    As the Senior Vice President with the Illinois Hospital Association for 26 years, Pat was the healthcare information and health care quality and policy liaison with local, state, and national public and private organizations. Pat also had the responsibility for development and all management aspects of COMPdata (on-line comparative information network) and performance measurement development and services in Illinois and five other states. Pat also developed and managed the on-line consumer resource, Illinois Hospitals Caring for You web site. Pat developed and implemented the Quality Care Institute (QCI) that was built on existing hospital and IHA quality and safety initiatives and designed to promote innovative programs for measurably improving the quality of patient care.


    Her volunteer commitments include extensive work with Rotary International, where she serves in various leadership roles and has been directly involved in community and provider assessments, strategic planning, and project implementation. Her Rotary volunteer work is done locally and globally as she has worked on health care, solar energy, peace building, and women enterprise projects in Chicago, Jordan, India, China, Dominican Republic, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Panama, Mexico, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and American Samoa.


    Pat serves on several health care and community boards locally, nationally, and internationally and is a frequent presenter at local, national, and international meetings.


    Contact: pmerryweather@p4ps.net

  • Resources

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    Person and Family Engagement

    Patient Stories


    Bob and Barb Malizzo Share Their Family Experience
    QualityNet 2011 —Bob and Barb Malizzo first talk at CMS Quality Conference

    (shversion): https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=malizzo

    Bob and Barb Malizzo at Quality Conference 2016 — View video http://h2pi.org/malizzo/Malizzo-720.mp4


    CMS Leadership Receipt of SAMMIE Award 2016 — https://servicetoamericamedals.org/honorees/view_profile.php?profile=455


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    Bob and Barb Malizzo Sharing Daughter's Catastrophic Event

    Bob and Barb Malizzo first shared the story of their daughter's catastrophic event at the National Quality Conference in 2011. Five years later they returned to share the story again and provide a perspective as to why they do what they do -- and how their daughter, Michelle, would have wanted it this way.