2021 and Beyond:  Opportunities to Make a Difference

Opportunities to Make a Difference

Nursing home residents, families, and caregivers await the COVID-19 vaccine Nursing Home COVID-19 – 292 Days

The New York Times featured an article on June 30 and Kaiser Health News on July 6 on Project Patient Care’s Guide, “Recommendations for and by Patients, Families, and Caregivers for Elective Surgeries and Invasive Procedures During COVID-19 Pandemic” . Reporter Judith Graham of Kaiser Health News, highlighted the concerns and expectations patients have in returning for healthcare services and the issues that healthcare providers need to address for patients to return. The PPC Guide was co-developed with patients, families, and caregivers. NY Times article “Surgery or Medical Procedure? What to Know Before You Go” and Kaiser Health News “What Seniors Should Know Before Going Ahead with Elective Procedures”

“Nursing Homes and COVID-19….The Perfect Storm…Sadly”

What if?: Transforming diagnostic research by leveraging a diagnostic process map to engage patients in learning from errors.

Sheridan, S., P. Merryweather, D. Rusz, and G. Schiff. 2020. What if?: Transforming diagnostic research by leveraging a diagnostic process map to engage patients in learning from errors. NAM Perspectives. Commentary, National Academy of Medicine, Washington, DC.

“Patient and Family Engagement During COVID-19
Maryland Patient Safety Center

“COVID-19 Update: Addressing Social Disparities”
Patient Safety Movement Foundation
Part I:
Part II: 
Co-Presented by:
Donna Prosser, DNP, RN, NE-BC, FACHE, BCPA, Chief Clinical Officer, Patient Safety
Movement Foundation
Dr. Marcus Robinson, PhD, Collaboraction
Patricia Merryweather-Arges, MA, Project Patient Care
Daria B. Terrell, M.D., St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center
Ron Wyatt, MD, MHA, MCIC Vermont

PPC, H2PI, and Consumers Advancing Patient Safety Joint COVID-19 Series:
Interview with George Bakris, M.D.,  A Physician/Patient Point of View on the Importance of your Continued Care 
Long Term Facilities – Part I Pat Merryweather-Arges
Long Term Facilities – Part II Swati Gaur, MD, Medical Director at New Horizons, Georgia
COVID-19 Testing – Moira Larsen, MD, MBA, MedStar Heatlh
Health Equity – Ron Wyatt, MD, MHA, MCIC Vermont
The Important Role of Teleheath in Mental Health – Wendy Hayum-Gross, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Grow Wellness Group in Naperville
Elective Procedures in Hospitals – Kellie Goodson, MS, CPXP, Vizient; Pat Merryweather-Arges, MA, PPC
Learning from COVID-19 Patients – Josh Weissburg, Patient
Preparing for Hospital Visit – Rosie Barthel, Patient Advocate
Finding Hope and Meaning Through Stories in COVID-19 Pandemic Series
MedStar Health Institute for Quality and Safety – with 11 healthcare leaders throughout the series:
How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you personally and professionally?
What stories have you heard or experienced that are COVID-19 related and you can’t forget?
What will this teach us for the future of healthcare?
What technology or innovations look transformative for the future as a result of
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene During COVID-19 Pandemic in Developing Countries
Pat Merryweather-Arges facilitated panel discussions on two days in June with leaders from around the world including USAID, UNICEF, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Guatemala, and India. It was amazing to hear the innovative approaches and how communities all came together to protect and save each other.

 Resources for Patients, Families, and Caregivers

Project Patient Care, Recommendations for and by Patients, Families, and Caregivers for Elective Surgeries and Invasive Procedures During COVID-19 Pandemic:

Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC): Coronavirus Disease 19 Daily Life and Coping (

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):  COVID 19 Information and Resources (

American Association for Retired Persons (AARP)

n  6 Questions to Ask if Your Loved One Is in a Quarantined Facility (

n  The COVID 19 Imperative: Keep Family Caregivers and Long-Term Care Facility Residents Connected (

Morale & Gratitude:

n  Blog post: In a pandemic, does patient feedback still matter?

n  Twitter thread: 7 tips on boosting the effects of gratitude:

n  AARP: Innovative ways to say thank you.

Patient Safety Movement Foundation:

n  Guide to Medical Care at a Distance:

n  Hospital Plan of Care (Form designed for family caregivers to use to get the necessary information from the care team):

Covid-19 Tools and Resources

for Patient and Provider Audiences


Centers for Disease Protection and Control (CDC): Covid-19 Guidance landing page:

CMS Guidance on Visitation and Discharge for Covid-19 Infection control and prevention:

n  Medicare and C-19 landing page:

n  Hospitals, Psychiatric Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals:

n  Nursing homes:

Project Patient Care guidance on visitor rules in hospitals and nursing homes: 

Patient Safety Movement Foundation (updated frequently): Helpful Covid-19 Resources (

Centers to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC):  COVID-19 Response Resources (

n  CAPC provides a toolkit on communication during end of life/palliative situations customized to Conavid 19 situations

University of Wisconsin: Best Case/Worst Case: ICU, with Special Content for Patients with COVID-19 (

n  Designed to help palliative care clinicians and other clinicians navigate daily conversations with patients’ families.  It also informs critical care clinicians about the lives of the patients they are caring for and supports families who are absent from the patients’ bedside.

Advanced Directives and End of Life Care

n  AARP forms for all States:

n  Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST):

n  Respecting Choices: Covid-19 Resources:

n  Project Patient Care podcast, Advance Care Planning During “Normal” and Covid-19 Times:

n  Project Patient Care Advance Directive Newsletter:

n  Prepare for Your Care:

n  Conversation Project:

General Covid-19 Tools and Resources

for Patients, Families, Caregivers and Provider Audiences

·      World Health Organization –

·      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) –

·      Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) –

·      State of Illinois Coronavirus –

·      State of Illinois – Illinois Department of Public Health –

·      Illinois Nursing Home COVID-19 Confirmed Cases and Deaths –

·      City of Chicago COVID-19 –

·      National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) COVID-19 Quality Resources –